75 screenshots. 75.

Want a taste of Super Mario 3D Land in pictorial format? Well, we’ve got some of what you crave. To be honest, we’ve got a metric ton of what you crave.

Did we mention the fact that Nintendo dropped 75 screenshots for Super Mario 3D Land to the media yet? They did. There was no press release accompanying the blast of assets, they just appeared on Nintendo’s media site yesterday. The same can be said for the Super Mario 3D Land trailer we ran earlier.

These shots show off several components of Mario’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS based adventure. You’ll be able to see the new Golden Tanooki Leaf, a few shots of the map system, giant Goombas, Bowser’s ransom note and, something we’re excited for, the return of the P-Wing.

The P-Wing first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES. It was sometimes a gift bestowed upon Mario by Princess Peach in the letters that waited for players after they cleared each world’s castle; but, you could just as easily snagged it by beating certain Hammer Bros. or winning it in prize chests. Once you used it, you could fly for the duration of a single level.

While we’re glad it’s making a return to the franchise in Super Mario 3D Land, word has it that the P-Wing will not grant gamers flight. Instead, touching the power-up will simply teleport Mario to the end of the level. Say it with us: lame sauce. There’s something about the power of flight that’s always been enchanting in platformer games.

Still, the return of the item, along with other classics like the flag pole and the Raccoon Tail, has us excited to relive Mario themes with this game. Super Mario 3D Land is set to launch on November 18th for the Nintendo 3DS.