One of Super Mario Maker‘s most prominent players and speedrunners, David “GrandPOObear” Hunt, has seen all of his uploaded levels deleted and his stars wiped clean by Nintendo.

If you’re still following Super Mario Maker and its community, then you know Nintendo’s been doing some shady stuff when it comes to the levels created and uploaded. The company has been deleting levels, seemingly at random. The problem is that the deletion often comes with no explanation, beyond the boiler plate noting that old and unpopular content can be removed.

Not all deleted levels meet that requirement, though, and, much like YouTube and its recent string of channel banning, Nintendo’s been mum on their actions.

Back to GrandPOObear. He tweeted yesterday before going live on stream that all of his levels had been deleted.

Kotaku did some digging and found his profile, GrandPOO, and confirmed the deletion of his courses. He’s since uploaded three more, but they all seem to be test courses.

Hunt’s levels have been removed in the past, and Nintendo, when Hunt actually talks to them, links the removal to the word “Poo” that he often uses in these level names. Kotaku learned that, at one time in particular, Nintendo actually restored a level to the Miiverse after examining it in spite of its name. That was a temporary fix, apparently, and Nintendo never fully made his level playable online.

Now? All of Hunt’s levels have been removed, regardless of the word Poo.

Hunt regarded his call with a Nintendo rep. The rep seems powerless here, of course, so keep that in mind while watching.

You can read the Kotaku story sourced below for a lot more insight into this. For me? It’s absolutely bogus that Nintendo isn’t offering a clear and concise policy for these things. The word Poo is slightly on the vulgar side, though I would imagine Nintendo would have been explicit about that name being the case moving forward.

Remember, Nintendo’s deleting levels frequently now, not just the ones with “Poo” in the name. If that continues, the community will become furious.