Metroid Fusion

Are you a fan of NES Remix and NES Remix 2? Both have been a fun little success for Nintendo, who is looking for new ways to cash in on its legacy, but the company has more than just one generation of classic consoles. How does an SNES Remix or GBA Remix sound to you?

When approached by IGN about the prospect, Director Koichi Hayashida stated that "if there's a big enough outpouring of support for these titles, it's something I'd like to take a look at."

"Does the marketplace want it or need it? If we get a big enough cry for that, with a lot of people saying, 'Hey, we'd love to see more of these perhaps for the SNES, Game Boy or Game Boy Advance,' then it would be something we can take a look at,"

Because of the simplicity of their design and of 8-bit graphics, the NES seems ideal for a fun little project like this. I'm not saying that the Super Nintendo or Game Boy Advance are horribly complicated machines, but it would certainly take a lot more brainpower to make the project a reality.

Mario running through Norfair? Super Metroid Samus and Metroid Fusion Samus duking it out for supremacy?

What about Captain Falcon racing against Yoshi in a Mario Kart/F-Zero mash-up. Let's not forget Star Fox, Golden Sun, and Earthbound either. All five franchises that have yet to be represented seeing as they came to be after the NES. As if Nintendo would use Earthbound anyway, pfft.

If you want to get really meta, Nintendo can add Wario Ware Inc. in a GBA Remix game, meaning that a mini-game collection of old Nintendo games would be in a mini-game collection of old Nintendo games. Mind. Blown.

What do you say, fans of NES Remix? Are you go for the next generation?