MAJOR SPOILERS if you think that the secret cast of Super Smash Bros. is spoiler territory.

I’ve already unlocked all of the characters in Super Smash Bros. after just two days, so I’m at least settled in knowing that all the characters I was hoping would make the cut have indeed made the cut. Some gamers might still be biting their nails over a few key absences from the main line-up, but fear not. Everyone we wanted to see come back has come back, and the only remotely sad cut are the Ice Climbers, who couldn’t work on the Nintendo 3DS’ limited power.

Anyway, the game is capped out at 49 playable characters, and Nintendo has three more to reveal for you today! Two of these are dudes I’ve been pulling for since days one, Mario’s lookalike nemesis Wario and Earthbound‘s Ness, and the last of the trio is the return of Fox’s blue and brash sidekick, Falco.

Just, don’t call him a sidekick to his face.

After playing as Wario and Ness for a few rounds though, I’m still totally ready to accept that I just don’t like using Wario or Ness. I was only cheering for their appearance for the sake of completion, and so that Earthbound fans don’t have any further excuses for self-loathing and pity. Falco, though, is still just as much of a blast to use as he was in Melee, and he is an excellent choice for a character I wasn’t even sure would be coming back.

If you have unlocked all the characters in Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, let us know in the comments below. Who is your favorite so far? I’ve been too busy wrapping my brain around Little Mac and Mega Man to really tackle any of the secret characters, but I guess Lucina is alright. She is basically a re-skinning of Roy from Melee.

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