Nintendo has released a video that provides an overview of the amiibo figures coming this month, in December and the freshly announced bunch for February. That same video also includes a line about some retailer exclusive amiibo in the future.

While the speaker in the video isn't identified, I believe it's Nintendo of America's own Kit Ellis. Ellis offers the line about retailer exclusive amiibo in the clip.

"Some of our retail partners will be releasing a certain number of these as exclusive figures, so stay tuned for details."

Nothing else about retailer exclusivity is shared, but I imagine that we'll likely see specific characters only at GameStop, Best Buy, Target or Amazon. How specific and how limited that exclusivity will be obviously remains to be seen.

Hopefully it's not so obnoxious that major series fans will have to hit eBay and pay top dollar for their $12.99 figurines.

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