Some users have been complaining about headaches and strained vision after gaming sessions with Nintendo's latest portable handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. Those users, it seems, have not gone unheard by the big N themselves. The company has responded to the complaints with some facts and advice. The official word went to Maxconsole from Robert Saunders, Head of Communications at Nintendo. Here's exactly what he said (complete with the odd variety of typos):

We have shown Nintendo 3DS at multiple events around the world to literally hundreds of thousands of people and have received very few negative comments. As with anything that requires focus, from reading to staring at a computer screen, taking breaks frequent breaks is always recommended. When viewing any kind of 3D images (TV, movies etc.), some people might experience minor discomfort. The effects are short term and have no lasting effect, in fact most players can continue after taking a short break. The Nintendo 3D was designed with a 3D depth slider that lets users adjust the 3D effect to a level that suits them for optimum enjoyment.

Why even mention the typos? They sort of ding the legitimacy of the statement, don't they. And it's not like they're easy slip-ups, either. The "Nintendo 3D" instead of the "Nintendo 3DS?" Yes, that's in there. Seems like an odd mistake for the company's Head of Communications to be making, doesn't it?

Regardless, users should be taking breaks when playing 3D games on the 3DS. I've been strapped with the system for several hours now and, admittedly, I have experienced some minor discomfort. Immediately following play, I took a short break and everything went back to normal.

I did find, however, that adjusting the slider as indicated in the quote above worked wonders. The 3D effect may not be as apparent, but the resulting comfort of play is well worth the adjustment. It's still a 3D gaming device and I don't feel any visual tweaking while playing. Perfect.  For others, such as our own Jon Rettinger who did experience eye strain while playing, the breaks are definitely essential.

Have any of you had problems using the 3D on the device?

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