Nintendo is feeling a little festive today, and it’s present to any and all under the sun is the best present someone can ever get: The Legend of Zelda footage!

Playing up the winter holidays angle, the latest footage from the game shows Link hitting the slopes, gliding down a snowy mountainside on what looks like a turtle shell or a bowl of some kind. It’s not exactly a snowboard, but such inconveniences have never stopped Link.

A Link to holidays past… and those yet to come.

Touching tribute to an all-time great series

Nintendo also starts the trailer off with a look at the history of the series. Outside of Final Fantasy and Mario, I can’t think of many video game series that have shaped my love of games more than The Legend of Zelda. I often associate it with being with my family since I played almost every game on cousins’ NES consoles during holiday trips. I never had my own Zelda game during its reign until Wind Waker came out.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks great. The only bummer right now is that the game’s “early 2017” release date is rumored to be pushed back into the summer of 2017.