Thanks to yesterday being the day Marty McFly travels to the future in Back to the Future Part II, the Internet has been swarmed with comparisons between real life and what the filmmakers thought 2015 would look like. It's been an interesting deconstruction, but I just want to focus on this famous Wild Gunman scene in the 80s cafe, because it got two things right.

  • It gave us a look into what a major nerd Elijah Wood would eventually grow up to be.
  • It knew that kids would not be impressed with Nintendo in 2015.

Seriously Elijah, do you still have that hat?

Nintendo is taking the scene in stride, though, and it has released a game that still will definitely not impress the youth of today. Yes, you can now buy Wild Gunman on the Wii U Virtual Console, celebrating the day Marty McFly made Nintendo look awesome and then got shot down by Frodo Baggins and some other little dork who might have been a Hobbit extra for all we know.

"You have to use your hands?! That's like a baby toy!"

Yeah, go play with your iPhone you little snot, I'll be racking up big points in Wild Gunman for a few days. The game is only available now in Europe, but Nintendo is selling the North American version over there. We might have to wait for the eShop update to play along. Just remember, you'll need a Wii Remote to play it as well.