The canon of Ganon, so to say?… Sorry about that. Nintendo has dipped its toes further into the often cruel world of “canon” with The Legend of Zelda by officially giving its most famous baddie a last name. On the official Legend of Zelda website, he is now referred to at Ganondorf Dragmire in the glossary.

The name has been known to fans for a long time thanks to it appearing in English game manuals, but this is the first time Nintendo has named the character in an official capacity.

Of course, this only raises more questions about the series’ confusing and branching timeline. Ganondorf, like Link and Zelda, has seen not one but multiple incarnations over the years, and it begs to ask if each Ganondorf has the same last name every time he is born into the world.

I thought Smith sounded better

But what do I know? I don’t make video games.