Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has been out of the captain’s chair for a while now, but he’s back to regular work and appeared before the press to present Nintendo’s most recent financial earnings, according to Reuters.

We first heard about Iwata’s decision just before E3 this year when it was announced that he would not be attending the show to recover from major surgery.

The surgery was for the removal of a tumor in his bile duct found during a routine health inspection. At the time, Iwata had said in a letter that the tumor was caught early, before symptoms manifested, allowing early removal.

Iwata said that he has lost weight, but feels healthier.

Iwata’s been working via e-mail since shortly after the surgery, but with him back in the office, we’re hoping we can look forward to more appearances by him in the company’s regular Nintendo Direct videos. And let’s not forget about that fight Reggie and Iwata still have to finish.