Every fighting game strives for a perfect level of balance between each character in its roster. Some say it is impossible to achieve perfection, but thanks to modern day patches, we can at least gradually get closer and closer with each passing update.

Nintendo is now active in both the fighting game scene and the patching scene, and when the two come together, you can bet that the game will be constantly updated to meet the standards of its audience. Patch 1.04 is set to address some balancing issues within the game, or as Nintendo puts it in vague terms, “adjust the game balance,” “fix some of the problems,” and “make the game more enjoyable.”

Nothing specific about the patch is mentioned, but no doubt some of the banning issues are going to addressed. You might also want to play with your favorite unbalanced character a few more times before they get nerfed. I don’t think Nintendo is totally deaf to the outcry against our green gloved boxing friend.

This update will also erase all saved replays, so you might want to enjoy those one last time.

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