Today, Nintendo announced a brand new downloadable effort for the Wii U. The company is bringing all five Wii Sports activities to their brand new console on the Nintendo eShop.

According to the release that brought word of this news, each game is being released individually. They’ll feature “HD graphics, enhanced controls via Wii MotionPlus technology, as well as a much-requested online multiplayer versus mode, so users with broadband Internet access can face off against competitors online.”

Nintendo explains that the online play is where the Club bit of the name becomes a thing. Again, from the release:

“Players will be registered to state or regional clubs and will be able to chat with one another via Miiverse during matches. People will be able to play casually against members of their own club, or take on members of rival clubs to increase their club rankings.”

Finally, Nintendo announced a curious price plan and release window for Wii Sports Club. The first two sports bound for the eShop are Tennis and Bowling, and they’ll be available starting on November 7th. Boxing, Baseball and Golf will come over the next several months.

As for pricing? Here’s the strange bit. You can buy each sport for $9.99. Sure, that’s a little steep, but if you consider how many hours some gamers dumped into the likes of Bowling and Golf, it’s not so bad. Or, you can purchase a “Day Pass” to all available sports for 24 hours. Having a get together and want to entertain your family for a single day? $2 will do the trick.

What do you think of Wii Sports Club?