Phoenix Wright (5)

Phoenix Wright is coming back to the Nintendo 3DS! Well, maybe he is. Capcom confirmed during yesterday’s Japanese Nintendo Direct that Ace Attorney creator ShuTakumi is hard at work in another game in his popular adventure series.

However, unlike Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, which was a very cut and paste traditional game similar to the older ones, Capcom has stated that this latest game will be something completely different than what fans are used to.

Takumi had previously mentioned he was working a new game in the series, but neglected to say it was going to be a new idea. What could a new Phoenix Wright game possibly bring to the table? If it shakes up the genre in a way that Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective did, I am totally on board for a fresh style of adventure.

More on this fan-favorite series as we hear it from Capcom. Is anybody interested based on the series’ reputation alone?