Mario Kart TV

Nintendo has been threatening to move into the mobile market after it finally realized that it can no longer ignore the booming popularity of smartphones. Of course, Nintendo would never put its own games on another platformer besides ones with Nintendo emblazoned on the front, but it never said anything about smaller apps.

The first of these new apps from Nintendo is called Mario Kart TV, and it does very much what is title implies. The app will launch alongside Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U and allow for easy sharing of both official and user created gameplay footage, screenshots, and allow you to keep track of leaderboards and all of your friends.

Mario Kart TV will be supported on PC, tablets, and smartphones. Nintendo hasn't put an official launch date on the app for Japan, let alone America, so we'll have to use the May 30th release date of Mario Kart 8 as an estimation.

Nintendo is finally moving into the mobile market, and it's doing so by effectively creating an entire social network for what will undoubtedly be the largest game for its flailing Wii U system. Smart move? I think it could work, but it will need to find a way to get non-players invested and excited for Mario Kart. This seems a little too oriented towards the existing fanbase.