There are a lot of Super Mario Bros. based myths and rumors out there in the world. What was once a pile of fiction formed only on tiny playground has exploded in size with the coming of today’s Internet.

Simply put, there are a lot of misnomers out there when it comes to big games like Mario. Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto have released a video that covers some of the most famous myths with yes or no questions.

Is Mario about to die on the cover of the original NES game? No. Was Super Mario Bros. 3 really just a performance? Yes. That one is my favorite, personally. The game has the look of a world set on a stage with props and strings and false backgrounds. Consider that legend confirmed by Miyamoto himself.

There are a few others in the clip, and this is all to celebrate the coming of Super Mario Maker. Miyamoto says he’ll be making and uploading levels in that game, and that’s pretty sweet.

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