Mario Phone

Nintendo and DeNA are officially partnered together. Each company owns a small percentage of the other, and together they plan to develop a new gaming network, work towards a new console for Nintendo (the Nintendo NX) and push Nintendo's IPs into the mobile gaming space.

Now, DeNA Co Ltd has started talking about how much revenue it is aiming to generate with this new Nintendo to mobile process. The game maker said its goal for monthly income will be over ¥3 billion (roughly $25 million USD).

Where are they getting those numbers? DeNA's best selling game, Kaito Royale, brought in more than $25 million a month. That $25 million target? That's the point DeNA wants to beat with Nintendo's IP, and I imagine they'll be able to do it.

DeNA Chief Executive Isao Moriyasu talked to Reuters about this revenue target and how they'll get there.

"We want to create games that will be played by hundreds of millions of people…We want to create multiple hit games rather than aiming to succeed with just one powerful IP element…

…We haven't talked to Nintendo about targets, but at DeNA, our best-selling game brought in 3 billion yen a month, and we want to surpass that."

With IP like Mario, Zelda, Pokémon and more coming along for the ride, it's certainly feasible that Nintendo and DeNA are set to generate tons of money on the mobile scene.

As for how that money will be shared? Neither DeNA or Nintendo have been willing to disclose their revenue-sharing agreement, but Reuters offers that analysts see Nintendo as earning around 70 percent of the profit in the partnership.

This could be massive for both companies.