Moove over, everyone else, this is one of the most absurd PR efforts we’ve seen. Nintendo actually took on a real dairy farmer in a round of Milk, a cow-milking minigame in 1-2-Switch. This really happened, on a real farm with real cows. This is so weird.

Nintendo even won, and they’ve milked that victory into video form. Watch, it’s udderly ridiculous.

The farm in question is the Billings Farm & Museum in Vermont. Nintendo saw that the farm threw the gauntlet down on Facebook back on March 24. In a post, the farm teased that Nintendo might be “too afraid of a little challenge.”

Them’s was milkin’ words.

Nintendo claims victory in the battle of udder squeezing absurdity this time. 1-2-Switch is out now on the Nintendo Switch. We were not fans of the game, but we think it could be good if priced more appropriately.