Yes, the dumbest headline I’ve ever written stems from a ridiculous war of words on the Internet between Nintendo and one of the United State’s old dairy farms. Over the weekend, the Billings Farm & Museum of Woodstock, VT, called out Nintendo’s “Milk” mini-game in 1-2 Switch, claiming that squeezing milk from a cow’s utters isn’t nearly as easy as the Nintendo mini-game makes it out to be.

An open tongue-in-cheek letter to Nintendo from the museum was picked up by NeoGAF, leading Nintendo to respond six minutes later.

“Booking flights now,” Nintendo said, and “we’ll be ready.”

“Good luck!” Billings Farm shot back. “We’ve been at this over a hundred years.”

“So have we,” Nintendo replied.

Nintendo confirmed with Polygon that it was indeed following up on the challenge, and it would report the results later this week. Please, PLEASE send Reggie for us, Nintendo!

Milking cows is quite difficult

This is one issue in which I can’t provide a fully formulated opinion, and shockingly, it’s not because of a lack of experience milking cows, which I have done multiple times. It’s because of a lack of experience in playing the Nintendo Switch.

Yes, Nintendo! I’ve wrapped my hands around genuine cow utters more times than I’ve held a Nintendo Switch controller. When is it going to be back in stock at my local store?