Nintendo 3DS XL

Just over three weeks after making its debut in Europe and Japan, the Nintendo 3DS XL arrives in the United States today. The handheld will cost $30 more than its predecessor at $199.99, but that's a fairly small premium to pay for a 90% larger display, and an 86% bigger battery.

The console will be available in red and blue initially, and you'll find it at Toys R UsGameStop, and Target. If you haven't yet adopted the Nintendo 3DS, then it's certainly best to spend the extra $30 on the latest model. But is it worthy of an upgrade from the original 3DS?

Well, the new unit doesn't have any features that the original doesn't have, but it does boast some great improvements. Its top display is 4.88 inches in size, while its bottom display measures in at 4.18 inches. It also has a bigger battery promising up to 6.5 hours of use, and comes bundled with a 4GB memory card — rather than the 2GB card you get with the original.

There is one thing to bear in mind, however: If you're a 3DS owner who likes to use the Circle Pad Pro add-on for an additional analog stick, the accessory won't be compatible with the latest console due to its size. There is a Circle Pad Pro XL add-on coming later this year, though.

Will you be picking up the Nintendo 3DS XL today?