Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo has announced that a super-sized version of its Nintendo 3DS will be coming to the United States and Europe this summer. The 3D portable, which will features bigger displays on both the top and bottom of the device, will come to Europe first on July 28, before hitting the U.S. on August 19.

The European console, which will reportedly be available in black and silver, will launch alongside New Art Academy. The North America console, which will be available in blue and red for $199 (with a 4GB memory card included), will launch alongside New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Like the Nintendo DSi XL, the Nintendo 3DS XL is significantly larger than its predecessor, with one 4.88-inch stereoscopic 3D display at the top, and one 4.18-inch touchscreen at the bottom. That compares to the 3.53- and 3-inch displays on the existing Nintendo 3DS.

Of course, a bigger console means room for a bigger battery, and so you can expect to get between 3.5 and 6.5 hours of playtime from this device when playing 3DS titles, or six to ten hours when playing older DS titles.

The release dates were confirmed by Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America, during a Nintendo Direct presentation.

Will you be picking up the Nintendo 3DS XL?

[via The Verge]