A much-anticipated software update for the Nintendo 3DS which promises to introduce a number of exciting new features has been delayed by Nintendo and given a new release date of December 8. Nintendo first announced the update back in October, and promised users of its new handheld that it would be available this month. But you can now stop checking your device to see if it's arrived.

The Japanese company has released a statement today in which it says it is "sorry for the inconvenience," and that the update will now arrive early next month. It has blamed the delay on the "final stages of internal testing."

In addition to 3D video recording using the device's 3D camera; the update is set to introduce new game content in StreetPass Mii Plaza, including Find Mee II; and support for software and data transfer between multiple Nintendo 3DS devices.

While it's only a short delay, it's sure to frustrate early 3DS adopters who have been awaiting new features and flagship software since the device's release. However, with titles like Monster Hunter 4, Resident Evil, and Mario Tennis hitting the handheld next year, I'm sure we'll soon forget about Nintendo's shortcomings and get on with enjoying its console.

In the meantime, may I suggest you try Super Mario 3D Landit's terrific!

Are you unhappy that the Nintendo 3DS update has been delayed?

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