I have to hand it to Nintendo, it’s delivering on its promise to support the Nintendo 3DS even after the Switch is starting to move in on the portable market. It jumped ship from the Game Boy brand name pretty quickly after the DS became such a hit, so you can forgive me for doubting that it would stick around this time, as well.

However, we’ve gotten a solid Fire Emblem game since the Switch came out, and at E3 2017, we saw a brand new Metroid game is on the way. What more could you want? Well, Nintendo of American President Reggie Fils-Aimé says that a lot more will be following.

In an interview with IGN, Reggie spelled out Nintendo’s plans for the Nintendo 3DS deep into 2018.

We’re going to continue to bring new content, and that’s what’s going to keep this device vibrant and keep it going well into 2018 and beyond.

He continued saying it’s important to keep options open for fans.

We say that it’s a home console that you take with you and play with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It really is meant to deliver that great home console performance, you just happen to be able to undock it and take it with you, which is a key innovation. But look, in the end, what we want is we want the consumer to call it their device, right? Their preferred gaming device that they can play fantastic Zelda, Mario, third-party content, all of their favorite franchises brought to life on the platform. That’s what we want. And we’re greedy and we want Nintendo 3DS right alongside it.

The lasting power of the Nintendo 3DS

It’s safe to classify me as a retro gamer, and more often than not, I am more interested in a console after it has gone out of style rather than at the peak. For example, I find myself playing a lot more Game Boy Advance games than I do Nintendo DS games, whereas, none will argue that the Game Boy Advance was more successful than the DS during their peak.

The Game Boy Advance simply has more titles I like to go back and enjoy.

This leads us to the Nintendo 3DS, which looks like it might follow in the footsteps of the Nintendo DS. I played a lot of great games for it, but as for ones I would go back to? Dragon Quest VIISuper Mario 3D Land? Bravely Default? I don’t think I would need two hands to count them all.

It’s not dooming the Nintendo 3DS, but it just leaves me to wonder how this will all play out.