Media Create, by way of Joystiq, has posted their weekly hardware and software findings for sales in Japan. We reported on the charts last week as they showed the Nintendo 3DS stage a massive comeback in sales after dropping its price from $250 to $170.

The idea this week was that either the Nintendo 3DS would maintain its rise or that it would tumble after a surge of buyers. Well, the portable system performed exceptionally well again this week. But, the good news for Japan and the gaming industry at large doesn't stop there…

Every major system saw a boost in sales over the last week. Here's the full chart from Media Create:

3DS 196,077
PSP 40,389
PS3 20,239
Wii 19,607
DSi LL 4,213
DSi 3,531
Xbox 360 1,576
PS2 1,513
DS Lite 90
PSP go 20

While these figures certainly do not represent the sales results for the rest of the world, it's safe to say that every region saw a jump in Nintendo 3DS sales following the price cut. I'll maintain that, despite the poor performance of the system, the new $170 price point coupled with the timing of the price drop itself will combine to do the Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo itself, wonders in the realm of new installation base.

Here's hoping the company can cash in on the pool of new users by delivering absolutely irresistible software.

What's with the odd image choice, you ask? Well, the Glico Man is also big in Japan. We're tired of stock 3DS images every day, so we figured we'd please you with this sight. Find him when you're standing on Nipponbashi in Osaka's Dotonbori, a popular district for night life and shopping. Glico is a candy company, and this famous billboard has been around since 1935. The company actually alters the sign when something big happens for Japan or Osaka. When the Hanshin Tigers (Osaka's main baseball team) are doing well, for instance, the Glico Man has been known to don the Hanshin jersey.

The more you know.

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