Nintendo 3DS Cerulean Blue Shimmer Pink

With the Nintendo 3DS XL coming at the end of this month, interest in the Nintendo 3DS is naturally going to decrease, and so Nintendo must think of new ways to make it attractive. One of them is to paint it fancy colors like "Cerulean Blue" and "Shimmer Pink."

The console already comes in blue and pink of course, but its most recent paint jobs are significantly brighter and more vibrant than the existing ones. There's certainly no mistaking these devices for the older "Aqua" and "Pearl Pink" variants.

Unfortunately, these new Nintendo 3DS models are only destined for Hong Kong and Taiwan. Here's to hoping we'll be treated to some equally colorful consoles soon.

The Nintendo 3DS XL may have bigger displays, then, but it will only be available in black or white initially. How boring is that?

[via Kotaku]