The Nintendo 3DS has just crossed another incredible sales milestone in its home country of Japan. The handheld system in all its various forms has combined to sell more than 20,000,000 units.

Remember when this thing was dead on arrival? I sure do. Nintendo pushed out a lackluster launch lineup combined with an awkward price point, and the Nintendo 3DS floundered on a global scale.

Then the company took a step back. They cut the price, released some absolutely stellar games and sold hardware. The new install base encouraged developers to make a splash, and, in Japan, the likes of Level-5 brought none other than Yo-kai Watch to the 3DS.

That, combined with other titles like Monster Hunter, Shin Megami Tensei and core Nintendo titles like Animal Crossing, turned the Nintendo 3DS into an absolute sales monster.

20,000,000 units in one country seemed impossible in the weeks after launch. Now? Who knows when this run will end.