Jam with the Band

Like Fire Emblem? How about Advance Wars? Or maybe even a classic little game known as Super Metroid? All great classic games from one studio, Intelligent Systems, and they have a brand new game coming from the long dormant Jam with the Band series. Nintendo has a new teaser website up and ready for its new rhythm based game.

Haven't heard of it? Well, that is because it was never officially released in America. Daigasso! Band Brothers, as it is known in Japan, was released for the original DS in 2004 and localized as Jam with the Band in Europe back in 2005. It sported a long track list of classic Nintendo songs, anime and TV themes, as well as J-Pop tunes.

A sequel called Daigasso! Band Brothers DX was massively popular in Japan with a downloadable service similar to rock band and over 4,000 songs available once its run had finished.

Intelligent Systems' new Daigasso! Band Brothers P will turn players' voices into a synthesized instrument to use in the rhythm mode, as well as use the camera to place the game's face on an avatar.

I wouldn't be surprised if this latest Daigasso! Band Brothers skipped American soil as well, mostly because of copyright laws holding some songs back. The Nintendo 3DS' region-lock also holds it back from being import friendly. It would be real a shame too, because I would love to see such a talented studio like Intelligent Systems take on the rhythm genre. Either that or a title that might at least be localized like more Pushmo or Fire Emblem.