Nintendo sent out yet another excited email last night indicating the recent performance of the Nintendo 3DS. This is the fourth of such emails that we’ve had recently.

The Nintendo 3DS is, once again, the best selling gaming system in North America. While the email did not indicate the total amount of Nintendo 3DS units sold, it did share that more than 6.47 million pieces of software for the device have been sold in 2013 alone.

Nintendo released specific sales figures for the biggest software for their most recent handheld gaming device. Here’s the handy-dandy chart they included in the email. The chart comes in picture form because we didn’t want to booger up the formatting with a copy-and-paste job.

Nintendo 3DS Software Sales

Of course, the most impressive piece of software in the pile is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This is clearly the fastest selling game for the Nintendo 3DS. That comes for good reason, too, because it’s an exceptional effort.

Nintendo points towards the fall for a few more major players. We’ll be seeing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on November 22nd. As excited as I am for that game, the real slam dunk for Nintendo and their 3DS has to be the upcoming entry in the Pocket Monster franchise. Pokémon X and Y launches on October 12th worldwide, and it’s bound to become the best selling game for the platform.

How has the Nintendo 3DS been looking to you? If you own it, are you liking it? If you haven’t picked one up yet, are you inclined to based on recent software?