Nintendo was initially supposed to release the next major firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS during November of this year. However, that launch slipped by a month into December. As of right now, the newest firmware for the Nintendo 3DS is available.

Here’s how you’ll update your Nintendo 3DS:

  1. Start the system and leave it on the home screen; be sure to have the wireless connection enabled and connected to an active internet connection.
  2. Enter “System Settings.”
  3. Tap “Other Settings.”
  4. Scroll to the fourth page on the right.
  5. Tap “System Update.”
  6. Tap “OK.”
  7. Accept the notice.
  8. Make sure your device is plugged in for power, and tap “OK.”
  9. Make a sandwich and wait.
The update took roughly five minutes to complete for us.

This firmware update brings with it a few major additional features. The one that you want notice right away is the system’s ability to now accept DLC for software; that one was announced a while back. Additionally, 3DS owners will now be able to record video in 3D, enjoy new content in the built-in Find Mii game with Find Mii 2, new Puzzle Swap pieces and puzzles as well as accomplishments and a music player for the Mii Plaza.

If you’re wondering, this update does not include the next batch of free games for the 3DS Ambassadors among us. Nintendo has said that they still plan to release the Game Boy Advance freebies before the end of 2011, but they are not a part of this patch.

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, then odds are you don’t qualify for the program. As a way to satiate the anger of early 3DS adopters that payed $250 for the hardware, Nintendo is offering 20 free games from both the NES and GBA platforms. The NES games have already released, while the GBA games were promised to hit by this year’s end.

Only five of those GBA games have been announced: Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, Super Mario Advance 3, WarioWare Inc. and Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

We haven’t had a chance to fool around with all of these new features just yet; but, you can bet we’ll be recording 3D cat videos before the end of the business day today.

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