Nintendo 3DSThe 3DS system update that was set to bring users a web browser and access to the 3DS exclusive eShop has been delayed. The content was initially going to be available, according to the 3DS menu itself, in late May. Now, as it's been posted on the Nintendo of America site, users will have access to the update starting on the evening of June 6th (Pacific time).

As a user, it was disappointing to receive a brand new system with icons for missing features in the physical menu. The 3DS came stacked with built-in software, something that was absolutely fantastic. There were great games, cool ways to show off the system, an awesome Mii collection system and even a nice set of Mii based mini-games that encouraged users to carry their new hardware with them constantly. In fact, that last point is something that I've written about in larger detail as it's massively popular in Japan.

Yet, two of the potentially coolest features were missing entirely. The 3DS' eShop promises to bring users all sorts of content on a weekly basis. And, it seems, Nintendo may be doing it right this time around by offering more than just Animal Crossing clocks and boring mini-games. When the service goes live in Japan, users will be able to download Excitebike, the NES classic, for free. Hopefully that translates to the rest of the world.

The DSiware experience had a lackluster start. While the service did pick up after time with better games, most users saw what was offered out of the gates and stayed away from then on. Launch lineup issues repeated themselves on the 3DS too; hopefully users will come flocking to the system once more enticing games, and better features, become available this June.

Was anyone else disappointed by the missing 3DS eShop and web browser when they booted up their system for the first time?

[via Nintendo]