The Nintendo 3DS is now available around the world. The contents of the retail release handheld include the system itself, a dock, a charger, a slop of booklets and pamphlets and the AR Cards. The Augmented Reality Cards arrive in six different flavors: the Question Box, Mario, Pikmin, Link, Kirby and Samus.

The thing about these cards is, well, they’re cards. They come in a paper envelope. In order to make use of the AR Games available on the 3DS as soon as you boot it up, you’ll need at least one of these cards and a flat surface. But we all know exactly how easy it is to lose or damage loose slips of paper. Too easy.

With that in mind, some mobile developers have taken to creating alternatives to the printed AR Cards by building apps specifically to emulate the cards on smartphones. The Android Marketplace was actually the first to have such an app available for download.

But now, a web developer has actually built a mobile site to provide universal access to AR Cards on the go. If you have a phone with a full screen web browser, you’ll be able to hit the URL for this site and load up each of the six unique cards. From there, all you need is an unobstructed view from your 3DS’ cameras to the screen of your mobile device.

Speaking as someone who tends to lose just about everything, this site is perfect. Bookmark it and whip it out whenever you want to give the AR Games a try. Be wary of setting your phone on a flat surface in public spaces, though. I imagine a thief would be pretty quick to run up and snag it while you’re staring at the giant Mario projected onto your screen.

Then you’ll wish you still had the stupid cards.

[via Joystiq, site here]