News came last week of a poor showing for both the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo 3DS during the month of April here in the U.S. One of the key figures from that batch of news was that the 3DS actually sold more in its first week after launch than during the entire following month.

Now we come with more news of poor hardware sales for Nintendo. This time the figures come from the nation of Japan. During the week of May 9th through May 15th, the Wii and 3DS saw the lowest rate of sales both systems have experienced since their launches. Here, from Gamasutra, are the stats for that week of hardware movement in Japan:

1. PSP – 34,826 (previous: 55,140)
2. Nintendo 3DS – 18,324 (29,149)
3. PlayStation 3 – 13,789 (20,883)
4. Nintendo DS – 10,858 (19,516)
5. Wii – 6,336 (11,520)
6. Xbox 360 – 2,763 (3,419) 7. PlayStation 2 – 1,319 (1,696)

One of the first things you might notice here is that all hardware saw a drop during the week researched. That factor does not come unexpected. The week of May 9th through May 15th is actually the week that immediately follows Golden Week in Japan. Golden Week is a stretch of holidays that the nation of Japan celebrates every year in May. Most workers have off for the full week, if not just a few days, and gather their families and head out for travel, shopping or general tomfoolery. With all the money being spent during that time, it's expected that the week following the holiday is always one of the slimmest in sales.

However, the pace that the 3DS and Wii sold at is what's troubling. It's the weakest performance either system has seen, and for the 3DS, as Gamasutra puts it, this is an "alarmingly low number for a system in only its twelfth week on the market."

The only 3DS title to release during the week charted was Steel Diver, the Nintendo-developed submarine combat game.

[via Gamasutra]