Nintendo has announced another handheld console in the DS line. This time it’s the potentially confusingly named New Nintendo 2DS XL.

Let’s break that down real quick. This is a successor to the original 2DS with a bigger screen and clamshell design. It’s got the “New” moniker because it features the c-stick nub on the right side for extra control (though that’s not used in many games), and it’s a 2DS as it lacks 3D. The system will sell for $149.99 on July 28, 2017.

Here’s the introductory video.

Who’s this thing for?

While the original 2DS was clearly for kids with its budget-friendly price tag and slate form-factor, I’m not sure the New Nintendo 2DS XL can say the same. The larger price tag is what makes it more than a budget system. $150 for handheld tech that’s exceedingly old just doesn’t cut it.

What’s nice, though, is the removal of 3D. That’s something I know I can get behind for my five-year-old son. I won’t let him use the 3D on my system, and his 2DS is a touch too small. If it weren’t for the $150 price, I’d be jumping on this. $125? Yep, I could see that.

What do you think? Is a New Nintendo 2DS XL in your future?