Android powered photography is currently limited smartphones, but things could soon be changing, as Polaroid plans to release an Android-based camera and Samsung is also rumored to have a similar product in the works. In addition to these two photography heavyweight firms, Nikon is reportedly planning to introduce an Android-powered camera possibly before the end of August.

Nikon’s alleged camera will be called the Coolpix S800 and is rumored to feature a 25 – 250 mm lens, a 3.5-inch OLED display, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, Android 2.3 and support for “all Google Play apps.” GTA III on a camera? Color me interested.

While traditional digital cameras are limited to its manufacturer’s software, an Android-powered camera has access to more than 600,000 applications, such as enhanced photo editors, games and productivity tools. If this rumor does pan out, we can’t wait to see how it feels to immediately share Instagram pictures from a high-end point and shoot.

[via: Nikon Rumors]