Nikon D600

Nikon has admitted that some of its defective D600 units simply can't be fixed and is beginning to replace them with brand new units, or in some cases, the D610.

In a blog post released today, Nikon announced that it is continuing to sort through the issues some D600 owners are seeing with spots showing up in their images. Apparently the shutter is spraying lubricating oil on to the sensors resulting in the dark spots seen in images. Originally the camera maker suggested that owners attempt cleaning it themselves, but then started allowing them to be sent in for repairs.

Some Nikon users started noticing that they were receiving brand new D600 units when the camera would make its way back to them, and even a few noticed they were receiving the upgraded D610 in return. Nikon has now confirmed that it is replacing some units "with a new D600 or an equivalent model."

Nikon also announced that when it comes to this issue with the D600, it will continue to inspect, clean and replace shutter components free of charge even if your warranty has expired.

While it's unfortunate this situation even arose in the first place, you have to admit the company seems to be handling it in the correct manner. Make sure the customer has a working product, and the hit to your balance sheet just have to happen.