Bloomberg is reporting Nikon is trying to find ways to grab a slice of the smartphone market, after Nikon President Makoto Kimura noted its point-and-shoot sales dropped around 25 percent from April and May of last year, while the smartphone shipments ballooned by 46 percent to almost 725 million units.

The market for point-and-shoot cameras is declining steadily as more and more smartphone makers include high-end lenses and software aimed at making compact cameras obsolete, so it’s not a stretch to believe Nikon is considering a foray into the smartphone market with a device similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Kimura said, “We want to create a product that will change the concept of cameras. It could be a non-camera consumer product.” Whether that means Nikon is in the market to specifically design its own smartphone, make add-on lenses for flagship devices like the iPhone and HTC One, or come up with something entirely different remains to be seen. Any way you slice it, we’re intrigued by the possibilities.