Nike Fuelband

Despite Nike saying it wouldn't build an app for Android users, the apparel company on Tuesday did just that. Compatibility is pretty limited at the moment, so chances are you won't even be able to download the app, but it offers up some of the same functionality as its iOS counterpart. If you don't own a FuelBand now—they're collector's items at this point—Nike is finally catering to the Android crowd. But with other wearables rumored to come in the future, does it even matter?

As of now, the Nike+ FuelBand app supports the Galaxy S5, S4 and S3, Nexus 5, HTC One and the Moto X. That's it. No word whether other phones will be supported down the road. In addition, the app does not support the FuelBand 1.0, so you'll need a more recent version in order to take advantage of the app. If you do meet those requirements, however, you'll be able track your progress by day, week and month, sync with your online Nike+ profile and customize your device display, among other options.

Not a whole lot for Android users to work with, but perhaps a welcome surprise for some FuelBand diehards. Nike surprisingly folded the hardware side of its FuelBand department to focus solely on software, and this appears to be the company's first effort after that news was announced. With Nike's hardware team being dispersed, many of the members have been sought after by Google and even Apple, which reportedly has a health-focused iWatch coming later this year.