When Nike announced the FuelBand SE, it also revealed that it had plans to launch a new application called Nike+ Move that takes advantage of the iPhone 5s' M7 co-processor for tracking movements. It basically allows your iPhone 5s to serve as your FuelBand, almost entirely eliminating the need to wear the bracelet. It's now available.

We installed the app last night when it launched and gave it a quick whirl. As you may know from the original FuelBand, Nike provides "Fuel" points that reflect how much you've moved around during the day, whether it's just while you're sitting at the desk, walking around, or out on a run. Once you download the app, you just have to move your phone around for about 3 seconds while it gets its bearings straight. Then you're good to go, though Nike makes it a bit more fun by adding support for competing against yourself, or friends, when it comes to the total Fuel score.

If you're a real exercise nut, you might still want to use a FuelBand for its convenience; it's tough for some people to exercise while holding their iPhone. Still, if you want to track how often you're moving in an effort to become a bit more healthy, the Nike+ Move app is a good place to start.