An Android app for Nike's popular FuelBand isn't in the works, the company confirmed over the weekend. In response to a frustrated user on Twitter, Nike said it is currently "focused on iOS and web," and then further plunged the dagger by following that up with, "we're not working on an Android app." Whether it will or not down the road remains unclear.

This is another example of big time developers turning their attention to iOS before Android—or exclusively. Jawbone, as The Verge notes, is another example where the developer has yet to release a companion app for Android, despite the company's fitness accessory being recently reintroduced. There are many fitness apps available in Google Play, but nothing directly from companies for certain accessories (aside from Sony's Smart Watch).

This in no way discounts the continued dominance of Android's growing user base, but it does highlight some weird form of OS prejudice in the industry. In the grand scheme, perhaps the lack of a FuelBand Android app isn't the biggest deal, but some users are obviously frustrated.