Nike sent out invites for a press event that will be hold on Tuesday, Oct. 15 in New York City. The invite says "NikeFuel Forum," which suggests that the company's next FuelBand fitness product is going to be the topic of conversation.

We're not entirely sure what Nike has up its sleeves this time around, though some rumors have suggested the device will be thinner. We hope it includes new types of information, however, similar to what Jawbone is doing with its UP fitness band and what Fitbit offers with the Flex. If there's any way to manage your diet, watch sleep patterns and keep track of your steps through a mobile app, that too would be a welcome change over the current FuelBand which is rather limited.

9to5Mac said it has learned the device will offer better battery life, will operate using Bluetooth 4.0 and more, but might lack heart rate monitoring. Additionally, the display is expected to remain unchanged.