It won't be long until your shoes tie themselves. According to Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, speaking with Sole Collector, self-tightening power laces might actually become a reality as early as 2015—exactly the same year Marty McFly visits in Back to the Future Part II. They're not quite the hoverboards we've been promised—or even the self-drying jacket Marty wore—but any progress is good progress. I know I'm not the only one sick of tying their shoes.

Nike has already created a limited run of those amazing Back to the Future II Air Mag auto shoes, so maybe another replica set will be created in celebration of the second film. (And, I must say, the least entertaining of the three, but that's a conversation for later.) Power laces seem downright unnecessary, but the prospect is tantalizing nonetheless. Regardless of their usefulness, Hatfield is more than confident it can be done. "Are we going to see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!" Hatfield said.

Just because Hatfield believes power laces are possible doesn't mean we'll see them in an actual consumer shoe. Let's put on our cynical hats for a moment: not only will such a shoe be heavier, but they probably can't get wet. And what if they run out of battery, or they're too snug, etc.? A lot of possible negatives—but one very big positive, and that's SELF-TYING SHOES. Senior citizens can finally ditch their velcro style.

If you're too young to even know what we're talking about, the video below should fill you in. The Back to the Future trilogy is easily one of the best trilogies in the history of film. But who knew it would actually predict the future? Next stop is an actual Delorean time machine.

"Power laces. All right!"