If you're in the mood to sit down with an old-timey classic before the holiday rush kicks in, then how about you throw a little love towards Sonic Team? The studio's legendary cult-hit NiGHTS Into Dreams is available now on the PlayStation 3 for a low price of $4.99.

The sale will last throughout the week. I know a good many of you might have thrown out your PlayStation 3s by now, for whatever horrible reason you might have, but if one is not currently in your possession, then the Steam version is also available for $8.

I'd post a link, but SEGA has me region-locked out of all its Japanese Steam titles.

NiGHTS Into Dreams is one of those off-beat classics that found far more fame later in life than it did during its heyday. Released deep into the lifespan of the SEGA Saturn console, too many gamers were bouncing through 3D worlds with Mario for the first time to notice. However, retrospect eventually caught up to the game's reputation, and many have gone back to realize it was not worthy of such derision.

Being on more successful platforms also obviously helps a lot with exposure and getting the word out there. Gamers love the game's music and magical fun, and the main character, a purple jester by the name of NiGHTS, controls like a dream as he perfectly flies through hoops and races against time to collect orbs.

If you've never played this lost gem from SEGA, this week is the best week to fix that problem. Snag it up for for $5 or $8 depending on your platform of choice and see why this is one of the most cherished cult-classics of all time.