NieR Automata

Square Enix and Platinum Games' NieR sequel collaboration still remains a huge mystery, but at least we know that it has a title already picked out. In the latest issue of Famitsu, Square Enix confirms that its game will be titled NieR Automata.

NieR, already infamous for its offbeat approach to the action adventure genre, continues to dance the same line with its title, refusing to turn to something more marketable like Origins, Revelations, or The Legend of NieR. Thank goodness too, because I don't think fans would accept anything generic in regards to the cult-hit.

It doesn't even have a colon!

The game is also based on a stage play written by its director Taro Yoko titled YoRHa, in which a titular android called "YoRHa" battles "Living Machines" created by humans. Siliconera provides a brief summary of the play's plot.

During the 14th Machine Armament War in the year 11,939AD, humans are near extinction. With the invasion of the "Living Machines", humanity had no choice but to abandon the planet, taking refuge upon the Moon. Their only hope lie in an armada of specially configured androids called "YoRHa". Programmed with human emotions and feelings, they descend upon the surface of the planet to combat the ceaseless onslaught of the Machines.

No.2, after witnessing the destruction of her unit and the last of the Resistance, a failed YoRHa expedition hundreds of years before her time, she is alone among a cold, unfeeling world ruled by machines.

NieR Automata is in development for the PlayStation 4, and legendary character artist Akihiko Yoshida will be providing the illustrations.