NieR: Automata has been scooping up great critical reception since its debut on the PlayStation 4. Square Enix, Platinum Games and famously weird Director Yoko Taro have combined to make a stunning, bizarre effort that gamers are loving to pieces.

NieR: Automata made the jump from console to PC on Friday of last week, though, marking Square Enix’s continued desire to really expand into the PC space. It’s been doing so haphazardly with its Japanese-developed games until now. The publisher may want to push for more releases on PC, though, because NieR‘s doing well.

It released on Friday of last week, but it managed to vault over all the other games on steam for the full seven-day period to claim the number one spot on the sales charts. Surely, Square Enix is watching.

Platinum action games, don’t sleep on them

For my money, when Platinum Games really goes all out on a title, there are few in the action genre that can compare to what they produce. They’ve had a few misteps in recent years with their licensed offerings below the Transformers and Ninja Turtles banners, but games like NieRBayonetta and even The Wonderful 101 are absolutely fantastic.

It’s great to see their latest on PC. It’s too bad about Scalebound, though.