With typical Platinum Games titles, the time between the console release and PC port is gaping. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, for instance, hit consoles in Feb. of 2013. The PC release came in Jan. of 2014.

PC gamers looked at NieR: Automata, which hits the PlayStation 4 on March 7, with a bit of hesitation with that fact in mind. Turns out, Platinum and Square Enix are turning the PC version around much, much faster.

NieR: Automata hits the PC platform on March 17, 2017. That’s just 10 days after the launch of the PS4 version.

Good news, because NieR looks great

First, I adored the NieR: Automata demo when it dropped. We’re set to get a review copy of the game early next week.

Other reviewers have it, though, and they’ve said largely positive things. For reference, NieR: Automata is currently boasting a 94 on Metacritic and a 93% on Open Critic. It’s been well received, to say the least.

We’ll have more on the game as it comes.