Another action game from Japan hits the shelves this week, marking the third straight month in a row we’ve seen one. NieR: Automata could very well be the best of them all if, that is, if I’m ever able to play past this install wall at the end of the first level. Ugh, how infuriating!

Square Enix has published the launch trailer, and it’s a beauty. It perfectly captures both the story themes and the insane bullet-hell meets Devil May Cry boss fights.

Tearing it up in the critics’ circle

You could be forgiven for overlooking this game with a new Legend of Zelda hitting the market, but I’d also be empathetic for your loss. NieR: Automata is strikingly good, and while it might not have quite the same aggregate scores as Breath of the Wild, it’s the only other game of 2017 so far that has a Metacritic and Gamerankings score of above 90.

We just got our review copy yesterday, and if Platinum Games is able to keep up the lightning pace excitement of the first level throughout the game, I’d call this an early Game of the Year contender.

We’ll see. I have plenty of hours ahead of me, and this is exactly the kind of action game I want to play these days. NieR: Automata is available now for the PlayStation 4, and it will be released for the PC on March 17.