NieR: Automata is already a clear front-runner for my Game of the Year selection, although I admittedly haven’t played Breath of the Wild yet. I am taking my time with the review because, unlike a good many other games recently, I don’t want my time with this one to end. Once I review NieR: Automata, I’ve run out of excuses to just sit and play it instead of doing more writing or other adult responsibilities.

Just… trust me when I say that the game is outstanding and belongs in every collection. PlayStation 4 owners have had it for 10 days now, and PC gamers can join in the fun. NieR: Automata launches today for the PC through Steam and Square Enix’s official online store.

Thank goodness all is fine at Platinum Games

Platinum Games had been on a rare losing streak over the last year or so. Its Ninja Turtles game didn’t turn out nearly as popular as its Transformers: Devastation, and Star Fox Zero didn’t quite live up to the lofty expectations many had for it. And as for Scaleboundyeah, that didn’t turn out so hot because it actually didn’t turn out at all!

NieR: Automata is a fresh reminder that the studio is still the best action game company on the market, and it delivers a vote of confidence saying that everything is fine within its halls.

That’s my preview into a review that is going to be glowing more than the game’s bloom effects.