NieR: Automata launches in Japan next week, and the television spots have started to roll out. This is a pretty standard trailer, and it sells the game nicely to those who might not have interest already.

And then… urk… this uncensored one has the same ideas, but its enough to twist your stomach and make you feel like you need a shower. Warning: it’s really not for the faint of heart. The gore is kept to a minimum until the last few seconds, but the rest is just… disturbing.


What else can you expect from a man who made a game about fetishisms towards castration? No joke, it’s in Drakengard 3. Shoving drills through a child’s doll is child’s play compared to some of the themes Yoko Taro’s previous games have dealt with.

NieR: Automata launches in North America on March 7 on PlayStation 4. The PC version was recently announced to follow on March 10.