NieR: Automata is a mere ten days away from launch, and Square Enix wants you to get caught up as quickly as possible. A new trailer for the game, titled “Glory to Mankind 119450310,” dives into the story and gameplay elements, and while it might look like a pretty standard hack ‘n slash game from Platinum Games, the company who brought you Bayonetta, I can promise that it is anything but.

If you check out the little story quips in this title, you’ll find all the strange quirks and awkward undertones that made the first NieR and its sister-series, Drakengard, cult-hits in the first place. The silver-haired, muscular twins roughly two-thirds of the way into the trailer are especially creepy.

A bit conventional with more subtlety than Drakengard 3

While I can barely remember the gameplay from Drakengard 3, the previous game from producer Taro Yoko, the sexual undertones and double entendres had no problem shining through thanks to a complete disregard for subtlety. I appreciate NeiR Automata not really stooping to the low brow sex jokes since this seems like a much more serious game, but I also will honestly miss them.

Whether or not we start diving into multiple timelines, alternate endings, or the original NieR’s crazy New Game+ mode has yet to be seen. Without some extra layer of meta, the series becomes just another action game, and that’s the last thing that fans of the cult franchise want.

If you’ve played the demo already, you can still expect plenty of curveballs from the final product.

NieR: Automata will be released for the PlayStation 4 on Feb. 23. A PC release will come later this year.