Yoko Taro is rapidly becoming one of Japan’s most popular and important game developers. His ability to dance to his own beat and toss aside storytelling conventions while still making games that find an audience is one that should be applauded. In 2017, his game NieR: Automata adds more credibility to his resume with an ever-important financial success story as well.

However, while he often creates insane stories and refuses to conform to his contemporaries, he knows how to make a “Top X” list like the rest of the internet, and he did just that in a recent post on PlayStation Blog.

His list includes hits like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, and Gravity Rush. However, the most entertaining reasoning behind one of his games is for our old friend, Final Fantasy XV. Like many, Yoko Taro loves this game for what it tries to be more so than what it actually accomplishes, and he has some fun inside stories about it as well.

I was creating a title called NIER Gestalt/Replicant when this title was called Versus XIII but because it was very likely that our games would release around the same time, I was thinking “oh man, Versus is an action RPG right? It would suck if the release dates were close to each other.” NIER ended up releasing without having to worry about Versus XIII but then, when I was creating Drakengard 3 I thought “it would suck if they release close to our release,” and it was the same again when we were creating NieR: Automata this time too. Looking back, I feel like I was trapped by the curse of Versus for about 10 years. This game and its content created over the course of 10 years is unparalleled and unique, and I enjoyed it a lot. The one thing that surprised me the most is their incomprehensible passion towards food and beverage. FF is amazing.

Oh Final Fantasy XV. Has there ever been a game so dazed and confused, so devastating to the world around it, and yet, so admirable for its failures and huge heart? I don’t think so. It’s a marvel of the modern video game world, and by all means, it shouldn’t even exist!

For a game that is almost as crazy and devastating, be sure to check out Final Fantasy XII this week on PlayStation 4. The HD remaster The Zodiac Age is available from today!

You can see the full list at the source link below.