Yoko Taro, the developer behind NieR: Automata who always wears that crazy mask, expressed some genuine interest in the creation of a new Vita.

Yes, even considering Nintendo Switch.

Here's the tweet, in Japanese.

The folks at Siliconera have the translation.

I want to see a Vita successor. That feeling has calmed down a bit after the release of Switch, but I want to play something on a slightly smaller next-gen handheld console. I want something that could satisfy my itch that can't be done through a smartphone without physical buttons.

Apparently, Taro went on to tell fans that he'd be down with a keyboard for this supposed second Vita for chatting with friends.

Sony's probably done with handhelds for a while

I think Sony's done making handhelds. The PSP was a success in Japan, but it didn't register on the global scene when compared to the DS. The PS Vita was an extremely promising platform (that I love), but it wound up relegated to indie titles and under-delivering on its touted AAA experience gone mobile.

I'm not sure Sony, with their current dominance as the maker of the PS4, wants to wade out into handheld waters again. Maybe I'm wrong. I have no problem with more platforms, but I'd want Sony to push top-tier developers to make games for the system. Without that, it'd be the Vita 2.0. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't know if that handheld would be sustainable.